Spel gör det skolan har svårt att lyckas med – Spellärarens artikel i Horisonten.io

Jag har skrivit en artikel om hur spel gör det skolan har svårt att lyckas med i magasinet Horisonten.io. Ni finner artikeln genom att trycka på länken nedan: http://horisonten.io/2017/04/spel-gor-det-skolan-har-svart-att-lyckas-med/

Positive and Negative numbers through World of Warcraft

Swedish version: https://spellararen.wordpress.com/2012/12/12/rakna-med-positiva-och-negativa-tal-genom-world-of-warcraft/ Many students that I’ve worked with love World of Warcraft. Some of these students have an extremely difficult time to understand school assignments, especially students with neuropsychiatric disabilities, because they are not as fun as the games they play. For them school is just a big obstacle you have to get through to get home … Läs mer

How to meet expectations when using Minecraft in school

This is a post that I wrote when I was project manager for a project called ”Minecraft Classes” in Sweden. A project I taught teachers who’ve never played Minecraft to use it in their classroom. How to meet the students expectations when it came to using Minecraft were the teachers biggest concern. How do you meet the expectations that … Läs mer

The best games to use in education are often not made for education

Almost every game that I’ve seen or played that is made for educational use is so up front with what you are suppose to learn that it makes the player not want to play the game. How educational based games actually differentiates itself from other games is an interesting discussion. Is it that the game developers have … Läs mer

Games – future tools for learning

Kids of today spend more and more time in front of computers and videogames while teachers stand watching in discomfortable agony. ”How do we compete with the immersiveness and positive feelings that games create?”. That is the question that eats teachers in staffrooms today. In corridors and halls students can be seen with phones, tablets … Läs mer

What do Autism, Aspergers, ADHD and Video Games have in common?

How is it that children and young people with diagnoses such as ADHD, autism or asperger (a form of autism ) are drawn to the computer and video games? What is it that attracts them ? Is it just escapism or is there a deeper explanation? A person who does not have any kind of diagnosis like … Läs mer